Exploring your potential

Do you have that nagging feeling that you are stopping yourself in some way of becoming the best version of yourself?

It could be that you are full of ideas and dreams, but lack a plan. And when you have a plan, are you committed to staying on track? This is where an accountability partner comes in.

There is also the possibility that life has got you so busy that you lost track of your dreams and desires. Taking time to reconnect with them and explore what they would bring you, can help you clarify in what direction you want to move next.

Finally, it takes an optimistic ‘can do’ and dedicated mentality to go deep and create new roads. Are you aware of your mental framework, your limiting beliefs, your motivation?

Let’s partner up and discover what you are itching to create in life. Read below for some of the services I can offer. Please feel free to contact me to get more information or to get acquainted.

Mental Framework

Have you ever considered setting up a framework of your beliefs, values, goals, motivation & state? Why? Because life will live us if we don’t lead ourselves. So come learn this skill. Once you have mastered how to create this tool, it will set you up for life. Each time you feel you need more clarity and focus again and your current framework no longer feels like a good fit, then you will be able to work out a new/reviewed framework by yourself as you will have learned how to during our work together. Want to learn how to change your state in a flash? Feel that clarity of being the voice that leads you in life? Fabulous! Let’s get started!


This is a good follow up after you set up a framework or plan and start making new life decisions. Together we will keep you on track through weekly check-ins and keep you moving until this becomes second nature to you. We will check on your progress, what got in the way, where you are with your motivation, what’s next and where you might want to change the plan if that is what seems best. Our calls will be online using Teams/Zoom/WhatsApp or such. The purpose is to focus on keeping you accountable to the plan you created to get to your desired outcome. My intention is to be practical, clear and look at the positives. There is no failure when you keep moving. Jot me a line to discuss your needs.


An outcome is hardly ever reached through just wanting it, it takes the right mindset, dedication and a roadmap. A roadmap is not a straight line from A to B, if only life were that simple! It is about understanding what lies between your current situation and the desired one. Many small steps to be taken, even more decisions, lots of communication with those in your life, finding peers and supporters, failing-learning-regrouping, adjusting as you go, checking in with yourself regularly to stay motivated, prioritizing short-mid-longterm actions, in short: it is a process not a theoretical plan. Together we will map out steps and start the process towards that destination you so desire. Along the way we will keep talking and designing.


Sometimes life finds us in a place where we can no longer see beyond the obvious. When you want to rekindle that spark that makes you dream again, we can work on that together. We will look at who you are when stripped from roles and projections (true nude-thinking), what is your blueprint. What drives you. How do you prioritize the 6 core needs. Does that match your blueprint and who you are moving forward from this point? What is your current landscape you move in, and where is the clutter, where are the blanks. What is it you hope for, hope is a beautiful star that can direct movement/choices. What am I willing to let go of, what am I willing to invest, who do I take along on this path and how will I invite them to do so. These are the makings of a dreamscape. This is not a quick nap, this is hard graft. So get ready and send me a message when you are ready to dive in.

Want to do something today? Meditation and nature walks are simple ways to start making room for the brain to open up again and connect to the heart. You could start by doing that. Or sometimes sound, music, can also be a strong stimulant. Make a playlist for yourself to listen to regularly or try out some of my friend’s music, Marc Drost, who creates powerful meditative music (listen to the samples of Sun&Moon in particular) and can even help you create your personal mantra.

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